These are links to the main posts for each person profiled in this blog. The profiles are updated often so please check back for updates.

Alphabetical by last name

Blakely Aleath Leone
Blakely Andrew
Blakely Cassie
Blakely Ephriam
Blakely Estelle Myrtle
Blakely George
Blakely Gordon Roswell
Blakely John Wesley
Blakely Joseph Alexander
Blakely Lillian Pearl
Blakely Luella Margaret
Blakely Margaret Isabella
Blakely Mary Jane
Blakely Thomas Alberton Jr
Blakely Thomas Alberton Sr
Blakely Thomas Clifford
Blakely Walter Robert
Blakely Wilfred Elmo
Blakely William Guy
Blakely William John
Bleakely George
Holley Rebecca
Lever Hanna Margaret
Lever Roger
Orr, Joseph
Orr Margaret Isabella 
Stafford, William Thomas

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