Sunday, 26 January 2014

Photo: Blakely wedding near Flesherton

I have not figured out whose wedding picture this is but there are many Blakelys in this photo. I am working on a ID chart for the people I recognize. This house in on highway 10 just south of Flesherton. I stopped by there about 20 years ago and it had changed quite a bit. The people living there were tenants and had no idea of the history. I don't know who built it but I am looking into it. If you recognize anyone or the house, please let me know.  ** If you have saved this photo off this site before July 2014 please note that the photo was reversed and the version now is what it should be. :)

These are pics I took of the house in 1991 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Photo:Eliza Jane Blakely

Back Row: Allen T. Kennedy & Eliza Ann Rogers Kennedy. Front Row: Jane Hayes Kennedy, Eliza Jane Kennedy Balfour with Allen L. & Naomi Katherine Balfour, & Elizabeth Blakely Rogers McDermid.

     This is a photo of Eliza Jane Blakely (seated far right) and her family. It was taken about 1905 in Huron county Michigan at the Allen Kennedy homestead. Eliza is the sister of Thomas Blakely Sr.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Home Children

Between the 1860s and 1930s,more than 100,000 children were sent from the UK to Canada during the British Child Emigration Movement.

My Great grandfather Harry Stafford and his younger brother Charlie were "Home Children"
The pair came to Canada in Sept 1898 on the ship The Dominion. They had two half sisters (Ethel and Emma)who were admitted to Dr Barnardo's Home many years later in 1912.

In 1897 the boys father William Thomas Stafford had a stroke and was institutionalized. On October 15,1897, Harry and Charlie were admitted to Barnardo's Sheppard House at 182 Grove Road in East London.

This is a copy of Harry's school record from when he was at Sheppard House.
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The ship departed Liverpool on Sept 15,1898 and arrived in Quebec Sept 23,1898. There were 84 boys and 122 girls on board with the brothers, all facing an unknown future in a new country, so far from home.

Passenger list of The Dominion- Sept 1898 with Harry and Charles Stafford
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Once in Canada, Harry was sent to live with the Henry Thompson in Beatrice,Ontario (just north of Bracebridge) Charles was sent to the same area but with different foster parents.

The boys were able to visit one another and were moved around Ontario to different farmers over the next eight years.

Harry did manage to get back to England for visits in 1907 and 1909.

I do have copies of some of the original records from Barnardos that they sent to me about 20 years ago. They are packed somewhere but I will scan them once they surface.

If you would like to know more about Home children, I have put together a page with links to sites,  databases and a bit of history of some of the better known "homes"

Harry Stafford

Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Flesherton Invention

In 1904 Thomas A Blakely submitted his patent of the Roller ball bearing. His co-inventor was Fred Harrison.

The patent can be viewed here.

Here is the patent for his  Anti friction-Bearings 

William Stafford

William Stafford 1921-1941

Bill Stafford was born Feb 22,1921 in Toronto,Ontario Son of Harry Stafford and Lillian Pearl Blakely. Grandson of Thomas A Blakely.

Bill with his mother Lillian Pearl Blakely and younger brothers Walter (Bud)Stafford and baby George Stafford

George,Bill,Bud and baby Jack Stafford 1927

Bill as a teenager


He was a member of the Army Amateur Radio Corps. A ham radio enthusiast, Bill's call letters were VE3AXG 

Bill was killed during an air-raid in London on April 17th,1941

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Walter Robert Blakely

Walter Robert Blakely was born on August 23,1876 in Grey, Ontario, Canada, the sixth child of Thomas Blakely and Margaret Isabella Orr.

He left Canada in 1897 and moved to North Dakota.

When he was 26, He married Bessie M Downs,daughter of William Downs, on 29 Apr 1903 in Minto North Dakota.

Walter Robert Blakely and Bessie M Downs had the following children:

Winifred B Blakely was born on 27 May 1916 in North Dakota. She died on 16 Oct 1996 in Ontario, San Bernardino, California, United States of America.
Harriett M Blakely was born about 1905 in North Dakota.
Walter Robert Blakely Jr was born about 1908 in North Dakota.

He died on 19 Dec 1926 in 1000 west Broadway Anaheim, California,

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Just wanted to share a few advertisements from Flesherton, Ontario


1887 (Click to enlarge)


Joseph Alexander Blakely

Grace and Joe Blakely

Joseph Alexander Blakely was born on 12 Dec 1855 in Streetsville Ontario, son of  Thomas Blakely and Margaret Isabella Orr.

In 1884 Joseph served as councillor for ward 3 in Flesherton.

Joseph Alexander Blakely and Grace Sharp had the following children:

Garnet Wellesley Blakely was born on 26 Dec 1888 in Grey, , Ontario, Canada. He died on 12 Oct 1895 in Grey, , Ontario, Canada.
Gladys Irene Blakely was born on 20 Aug 1890 in Proton, Grey County, Ontario, Canada,. She died on 26 Oct 1904 in Grey, , Ontario, Canada.

Joseph died on 22 Jan 1941.

Grace Sharp on far left

Thomas Alberton Blakely Sr

Thomas Alberton Blakely sr was born 1825 in Enniskellen,Fermanagh Northern Ireland

son of George Bleakely and Mary Graham

*note the difference in spelling from his father. His brothers used Blakeley.

Thomas had two brothers and three sisters.

Martha b 1828 m Johnston SPARLING
Elizabeth b 1930 m John Ferguson BLACK
Eliza-Jane b 1834 m John ROGERS, m Neil McDERMID
Alexander b 1837 m Jane BLOCK
Henry b 1845 m Clara Tiers

In 1854 Thomas married Margaret Isabella ORR

The couple moved to Grey county to start a family.They had 11 children

Joseph Alexander born 1855
George born 1857
Mary-Jane b 1858
William Guy b 1861
John b 1865
Margaret b 1870
 Ephriam b 1867
Catherine (Cassie) b 1874
Andrew b 1872

Thomas died in Flesherton Ontario on Aug 7 or 8th,1877

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Thomas Alberton Blakely Jr

Thomas Alberton Blakely was born March 16,1863 in Portlaw, Artemesia Township, Grey county, Ontario, Canada. He was the son of Thomas Blakely and Margaret Isabella Orr.

 He had ten siblings,  Mary Jane, George Henry, Joseph Alexander, Catherine E Cassie, Walter Robert, Margaret Isabella, Andrew Wilson, John Wesley, Ephriam, and William Guy.

Thomas was a jack of all trades and owned several types of businesses around Grey county throughout  his life. He also was a Municipal Councillor and a police trustee.
In 1905 Thomas submitted an application for a patent for the double-ball bearing. Check out his invention here!

Dec 24,1885 Flesherton Advance
 When he was 24, he married Hanna Margaret Lever,daughter of Roger Lever and Isabella Rebecca Holley, on Sept 27 1887 in Flesherton,Ontario

Thomas Alberton Blakely and Hanna Margaret Lever had the following children:

Thomas Clifford Blakely was born on 16 Jun 1892 in Dundalk Ontario Canada (Grey County). He died on 07 Feb 1970.
Aleath Leone Blakely was born on 24 May 1896 in Ontario. She died on 07 Sep 1962 in Dunnville, , Ontario, Canada.
Luella Margaret Blakely was born on 30 Jun 1905 in Grey, Ontario, Canada. She died on 13 Oct 1974.
Estelle MYRTLE Blakely was born on 21 Jul 1890 in Flesherton, Ontario, Canada. She died on 20 Oct 1960. She married John Charles Miller on 13 Dec 1913 in York, , Ontario, Canada.
Clarence Elverton Blakely was born on 29 Apr 1894. He died on 18 Jan 1896.
Gordon Roswell Blakely was born on 04 Mar 1902 in Grey, Ontario, Canada. He died on 22 Apr 1993. He married Gloria Gaddye on 04 Dec 1926 in Peel, Ontario, Canada.
Lillian Pearl Blakely was born on 06 Feb 1898 in Flesherton, Ontario, Canada. She died on 12 Oct 1988. She married Harry Stafford on 05 Nov 1918 in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Florence Margurite Blakely was born on 27 Jun 1900 in Flesherton. She died on 11 Sep 1900.
Wilford Elmo Blakely was born on 19 Oct 1888 in Flesherton, Ontario, Canada. He died on 23 Jan 1947 in Bakersfield, Kern, California, USA.
Letta May Blakely was born on 24 May 1896 in Flesherton, Artemesia Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada (Twin of Aleath). She died on 15 Jun 1896 in Flesherton, Ontario, Canada (Died at birth).

John Blakely, Sarah Linley Blakely, Hanna Lever Blakely, Thomas A Blakely

Jan 9,1907

Thomas A Blakely

Thomas died on 13 Feb 1937 in Toronto Canada (Buried Flesherton).


Hello and welcome to my blog for Blakely genealogy. I started researching this branch of my tree in 1991. I had originally planned to put my research into print but after putting it off for 20 years I felt it would be easier to put it on a blog.

There isn't much here yet. I have started adding newspaper clippings and a few charts and hope to add stuff daily.

For those of you connected to Pearl Blakely Stafford I may start a separate blog for the Stafford branch.

                                           Family of Thomas Blakely and Isabella Orr
                                                    C 1890 Flesherton Ontario